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for so long

it seemed I would never find love.
Every time I thought
that I had found it,
love would just slip away from me.
I would find a special someone,
and we'd be happy for awhile.
Then she'd say goodbye
and leave me alone again.
So many times tears would stain my pillow.
I'd wish that I was dead,
or that I'd never been born.
For so long
it seemed I would never find love.
Then I found you.

My life was going nowhere
I had no reason to live.
But you gave my life direction.
You became my reason for living.
As we danced through the night,
holding each other tight
I knew right then
I could never let go
Although I had promised myself
not to fall in love again,
there was no denying
the way I felt for you.

Sometimes I think
this is all just a dream.
Well, if it is...
I don't ever want to wake up

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